Stellar Wallet Exchange

Proof-of-concept implementation of a wallet exchange.

Created by Hashbrownies.

Code is available on Github.

Support on Discord.


Possible use-cases:

In case you want to use it, make sure you understand how it works before.

You can try it on the testnet first - test.swex.app. You can use laboratory.stellar.org to create wallets on testnet funded with testnet XLM. If you want to try it, but you're having a hard time to figure it out, reach out to me on Discord and I'll help you.

SWEX uses the multi-signature feature of Stellar and L2 smartcontracts Stellar Turrets to replace the seller's secret key with the buyer's secret key on a Stellar wallet. While your wallet is up for sale, you are not able to perform any operations on it - it is locked by the turrets. If you cancel your offer, the seller's secret key will be added as its signer. This is a simple way of making sure that wallets can be resold indefinitely. From there you can restore the original secret key.

Everything is done in a decentralised and trustless way without 3rd parties or exposing your secret key.

Sell Instructions

  1. Login with Albedo.
  2. Submit the public key you want to sell.
  3. Choose a price and an optional tag.
  4. Press "place sell order".
  5. Sign with the wallet you're logged in with.
  6. Sign with the wallet you're selling.
  7. Your wallet is up for sale.

Buy Instructions

  1. Login with Albedo.
  2. Choose the wallet you want to buy.
  3. Press "buy".
  4. Sign with the wallet you're logged in with.
  5. You can now sign for your bought wallet with your logged in wallet.
Fee: 10 XLM